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How Naijforum Income Works

Make MOney On Naijforum

NaijForum income Program by Naijforum Ent. it is a program that rewards its users for been active on our website.

We get paid by big companies like Google to place advertisement on our website… In return we then reward you for your activities on our website….. Such as Daily login, Comments, and many more So why are we paying you?… Simple because we need you to be active on our website, for us to be able to make enough money from our advertisers… So we are indirectly sharing the revenue with our users like you

*How You earn daily on NaijForum Income Program*

How to Register and Make Payments

Registration fee => N1,500 

welcome bonus => N500

Daily logging => N50
Share Sponsored post => N100
comment  => N5
Submit post => N100
Referal bonus => N1,000

How much Can you earn On NaijForum

Well people often wants to know how much they can actually earn with Naijforum, so here is a break down of how much an average user can make daily.

  1. Daily Login = N50
  2. Share Post to Your timeline = N100
  3. Submit Post = N100
  4. Make a comment = N5 X 10 =N50

Total = N300 X 7 =2100 X 4 = 8400

this is an average of what you can earn monthly as an average user, what if you decide to go extra mile by submitting more post and engaging in our referral program you could be cashing out upto N50,000 Monthly

Even if you decided to settle down as an average user N8,400 is still worth it considering the fact that you will be spending not more than 30Mins daily….

Now let me ask You if you are offered a Job that will take just 30Mins of your time daily and get paid N8,400 Monthly wont you gladly take it ?. Now come to think of it do you actually know that some sales girls and boys actually earn between N8,000, to N10,000 Monthly, they go to work by 8am and close by 6pm, after they most have work their ass off…..Now here is the thing this program is not a get rich quick program. but just imagine what extra N8,400 will do for you at the end of the month..

Why Are We Paying You To Use Our Site?

Yes this part is important, we are paying you because we are also getting paid, yes we partner with companies like google to promote individual products on our website. if we must make enough money from those companies like google then we need active users on our website so that is why we are paying you to remain active on our website. at the end of the month we share our monthly income from our adds companies like google with you….yes that is why we pay you.

Minimum withdrawal for referral          => N1,000
REFERRAL withdrawal   => To bank everyday 24/7.

Minimum withdrawal for Activity Earning => N5,000

Activity Earning Withdrawal     =>21st to 31st 6-9pm.

How to Register and Make Payments

Registration fee => N1,500 

  1. Click on the Register Button
  2. Select the Naijforum Premium pack
  3. filling your information
  4. continue to the payment page where you can pay with your card online or bank transfer. You can also make payment with Coupon code just insert it while filling your details and wait for confirmation.

NaijForum Premium Pack is a Life time, no expiration. One time Registration fee is all you need to get started.

Making ₦10,000 – ₦50,000 on Naijforum.com  is 100% sure and guaranteed Weekly if you join us today, understand the concept and put it to work. With only one time payment of ₦1,500 a lot of Nigerians have been earning ₦50,000 – ₦100,000 monthly on NaijForum INCOME THE MOST PAYING PLATFORM.

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